Catalogue of Galician Granites

This is a compilation of all the granite varieties extracted as ornamental rock currently in Galicia.

An informative tool designed to identify and value the Galician natural resources and very useful for professionals who work with natural stone.

What is natural stone?

Natural stone or ornamental rock are the natural rocks that are extracted from nature in blocks and, after some processes of cutting, sizing and surface treatment, are suitable for use as building materials and for ornamental purposes.

What is granite?

Geologically, granite is a plutonic igneous rock of acid composition with a content in quartz between 20-60%, and feldspars (alkaline and plagioclase) as the other two main minerals also with defined characteristics.

El granito en Galicia

Zonas geologicas image/svg+xml Zona Asturoccidental-Leonesa Zona de Galicia-Trás-os-Montes Zona Centroibérica

Galicia is located within the Iberian Massif with 3 of its zones, from east to west: West Asturian-León Zone, Central-Iberian Zone and Galicia-Trás-os-Montes Zone. 
The granitic bodies adapt with elongated forms to these zones following the variscan regional formations, except post-kinematic intrusions, which form sub-circular or elliptical bodies on the surface

The textures of Galician granite

The combination of the different shades for each granite variety and the multiple surface finishes provide us with a wide range of textures.

The advantages of granite

  • Unique material of natural origin

  • Wide range of textures, colours and finishes

  • Choice of customized formats

  • Unbeatable technical characteristics:

    • Low water absorption and porosity
    • High mechanical resistance and also to wear, scratch and impact
    • Resistance to heat and "no contribution to fire" (Class A1, CD96/603/EC)
    • Long service life
  • Easy and low cost maintenance

  • Sustainable: non-polluting and 100% reusable