Silvestre Gris (Friol)

Silvestre Gris (Friol)
Other names
Blanco silvestre

Textura panalotriomórfica de tamaño de grano medio

Chromatic range
Petrographic examination
Two-mica granite
Clasificación petrográfica Le Maitre
Pena das vestas (Áridos H Carballido SL)
UNE-EN 1936 Apparent density 2610 kg/m3
Open porosity 1.3 %
UNE-EN 13755 Water absorption at atmospheric pressure
Mean value 0.5 %
Higher Expected Value (EH) 0.5 %
UNE-EN 14157 Abrasion resistance
Valor medio de la anchura de la huella 16.7 mm
Higher Expected Value of groove´s width 17.3 mm
UNE-EN 12372 Flexural strength
Mean value 14.2 MPa
Low expected value (EL) 12.6 MPa
UNE-EN 12371 Frost resistance, 56 cycles
Decreased flexural strength 0.7 %
Valor medio de resistencia a flexión 14.1 MPa

Granite has been tested in the CTG laboratory. The results of these tests are only related to the samples tested.

Silvestre Gris (Friol)
Pena das vestas 6003 (Lugo) - Áridos H Carballido SL