Architecture in Granite

The aim of this book is to show granite as a suitable material for all types of construction, which can be laid both outdoors and indoors due to its great versatility.

It is a very useful tool for prescribers since it contains graphic and written information about relevant construction works carried out with granite.

Catalogue of uses for granite

This catalogue contains a selection of works in granite that was extracted or prepared in Galicia, which are important for their uniqueness, their design, their contemporaneity, etc. You can also see examples of the use of granite in various interior settings. 

Granite interiors magazine

Throughout the different ambiences in a home, we can see the diversity of applications implemented in granite that has been extracted or prepared in Galicia. In kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, granite creates personal and unique ambiences due to its natural design.

Materials Guide

Throughout this materials guide, you will find the main varieties of granite, that were extracted or prepared in Galicia, with a visual description, possible finishes, formats, applications and the main tests.