Architecture in Granite

Arquitectura en Granito

Pages: 198
Size:23x23 cm
Images: 155 images, 100 photographs and 55 plans
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Interiors : Coated paper (170g matt) 
Handling: Dutch binding, covered and lined with a black cloth spine, with silkscreen printing to 1 colour, square fold, skin. 
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Bilingual edition (Spanish and English) 
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In June 2012, the Granite Technology Foundation Centre (FCTGG) published a book of Unique works undertaken in granite “Granite Architecture”. This publication consists of a total of 7 works carried out in Spain by prestigious national architects. The aim of this book is to highlight and promote granite as a material suitable for all types of buildings, which can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its great versatility. It is a contemporary, strong, durable material with a wide range of hues that combine perfectly with other building materials such as wood, glass, concrete or Steel. Granite gives the architect many possibilities and adapts to the environment very easily. The book shows the work of various architectural firms wherein you can see all kinds of constructive solutions made from natural stone, as well as different finishes, textures and applications. The list of works we find in the book is as follows:

  • Avila Municipal Exhibition and Conference Centre by Francisco Mangado.
  • Casa Mercedes by Juan Creus Andrade and Covadonga Carrasco.
  • Nou Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau by Silvia Barbera, Esteve Bonell, José Lluis Canosa, Josep Maria Gil and Francesc Rius.
  • Campo Lameiro Rock Art Archaeological Park by rvr Arquitectos.
  • El Escorial Theatre and Auditorium by Rubén Picado Fernández and María José de Blas.
  • MARCO-Vigo Contemporary Art Museum by FQP Arquitectos.
  • JH Towers Ciudad de la Cultura by John Hejduk and Elena Cánovas, Antonio Sanmartín (Asz Arquitectes)

This is a very useful tool for prescribers or advisors as it contains graphic and written information on various works made from granite. The information about the works can be found in Spanish and English. The Foundation already had a Catalogue of Unique National and International Works in online format, which it has expanded with 13 new works in 2011. This book seeks to provide a reference format in which the photographic quality highlights the unique application of granite.