Blanco Lugo

Blanco Lugo
Chromatic range
Petrographic examination
Biotite granite
Traspenalba (Áridos H Carballido SL)
UNE-EN 1936 Apparent density 2630 kg/m3
Open porosity 1.0 %
UNE-EN 13755 Water absorption at atmospheric pressure
Mean value 0.4 %
Higher Expected Value (EH) 0.4 %
UNE-EN 14157 Abrasion resistance
Valor medio de la anchura de la huella 16.9 mm
Higher Expected Value of groove´s width 17.4 mm
UNE-EN 12372 Flexural strength
Mean value 8.1 MPa
Low expected value (EL) 6.9 MPa
UNE-EN 12371 Frost resistance, 56 cycles
Decreased flexural strength 0.2 %
Valor medio de resistencia a flexión 8.1 MPa

Granite has been tested in the CTG laboratory. The results of these tests are only related to the samples tested.