How the Granite Cluster is organised

The Asociación Cluster del Granito (A.C.G.) is a non-profit association governed by the regulation of the right of trade association act, Law 19/1977 of 1st April 1977, Royal Decree 416/2015 of 29th May 2015 and their supplementary provisions. It is a legal entity and has sufficient legal capacity to pursue its purposes.

The organs of governance of the A.C.G. are:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Board of Directors
  • The President, the First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President and the Secretary
  • The Secretary-General
  • The sector-specific committees

The General Assembly, made up of all the members, is the supreme organ of governance of the A.C.G.

The sector-specific committees are organs of the A.C.G. which bring together all the ordinary and associate members belonging to specific business sectors.

The following sector-specific committees must exist, at least:

  • Quarries
  • Processors
  • Manufacturers or distributors of machinery and other supplies and services related to the granite industry
  • Marble makers and setters